Used Auto Loan: The Truth about Used Vehicle Scams

Having poor credit history and being short on funds can make the process of car financing challenging. The best way to handle this problem is to apply for a bad credit auto loan. If your credit report is tainted with late payments and outstanding debts, it’s best to apply for a used auto loan. However, a bad credit car loan doesn’t mean you should get a lemon. Your rights as a consumer entitle you to a vehicle in good condition, too.

Before heading to a car financing company to apply for that bad credit car loan, shop for a car in your local auto dealership first. You can also learn how to avoid scams associated with a used auto loan.

  1. Some dealers deliberately lie about the general condition of the vehicle. Car dealers are required by the law to reveal the history of the used car (if it was wrecked or if it was used as a rental vehicle) to make sure that they get their money’s worth. Go to to get a report about the used vehicle that you’re going to buy. You can also have a mechanic check the car that you want to purchase.
  • Check if the certified pre-owned vehicle you’re going to purchase is in good working condition. Some dealers often stamp the word “certified” as a guarantee that the car is still roadworthy, even when it isn’t.


Having bad credit can be really challenging, but car financing companies that specialize in used auto loan alternatives for people with poor credit histories are great for these people. You can get a bad credit car loan, but make sure that you get a used car in good working condition.

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