Bad Credit Auto Dealers

There are approximately 18,000 new car franchise auto dealers and another 60,000 independent, used car dealers in the United States. Our job is to identify those dealerships that actively participate in sub-prime auto financing and recruit them to be part of our network.




As a general rule, most high-line luxury brands such as Mercedes, Lexus, BMW etc., aren’t able to help people with bad credit due in most part to the costs associated with their vehicles. In addition, most independent used car lots lack the proper amount of inventory and lenders to satisfy the needs of our customers.

bad-credit-auto-dealersSo who are our bad credit auto dealers?

Bluesky works with mid-tier dealerships such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc but not all of these brands serve the poor credit niche. Our team of account executives calls dealers nationally to qualify them for our network.

Needless to say, it helps if our participating bad credit auto dealers have a genuine interest in helping people. Purchasing a car is a strenuous process for anyone regardless of credit as it represents the second largest financial investment most of us make in a lifetime.

How Bad Credit Auto Dealers Provide Car Financing

Most of our bad credit auto dealers work with non-prime auto finance companies that purchase and service loans originated by the dealership. The person responsible for processing a loan application at the dealership is known as the Finance Manager. These people are keenly knowledgeable in evaluating a person’s credit worthiness and matching it to one or more of the lenders they work with.

Part of this process involves what is known as deal structuring. Most lenders have tiered programs that have different requirements in regards to underwriting such as interest rate, down payment and maximum loan amounts.




Most of our auto dealers are able to help people with bad credit purchase a car. In spite of what others may advertise, not everyone will qualify and those that do will likely need a minimum down payment. Complete our secure online form and you could be approved and driving today.