BlueSky Customer Testimonials

Everyone’s talking about BlueSky Auto Finance.

That’s because we back up our words with action. We get people, like you, good and bad credit auto loans, usually in 48 hours or less. And we treat you with the high level of respect you expect. Just see for yourself what some of our customers have to say by reading their Testimonials…then apply for an auto loan and see for yourself!

“Hi, I wanted to thank you again for your service. I just picked up my new 2019 hundai Sante Fe on Thursday. 1st new car I’ve owned in 28 years. Thank you so much!”

— John J.

“Yes I have gotten a loan and a great car because of your service.  Can’t say thank you enough.  The people were amazing.”

— Marianne F.

“I tried BlueSky Auto Finance thinking they would be just like all the other bad credit auto loan companies out there…all talk. Well, I’m sure glad I tried it. They referred me to a great dealership that took the time to understand my situation, got me the car and car loan I wanted and a great deal. Thank you.”

— Michael K.

“My wife and I would like to thank BlueSky Auto Finance for getting us a car in less than 3 HOURS! Other companies couldn’t help us, but BlueSky Auto Finance found us financing in MINUTES! We picked out the car WE WANTED and were done! Oh, and my wife says Hallelujah. Your favorite and life long customers.

— Glenn and Natia R.

“BlueSky Auto Finance had an offer of car financing for me, yes me who has very bad credit…within 2 hours, we signed the auto loan papers and I drove away. I have NEVER, NEVER, NEVER had such an experience buying a car. Thanks again BlueSky.”

— Sue N.

“I just wanted to thank you for sending me to the right people to get my new car. My experience with the participating BlueSky Auto Finance dealership was very good, I mean excellent. Everyone there was kind and very professional. I send special thanks to the finance and sales department. Thank you BlueSky Auto Finance for making my life better. I have a car that I am very happy with. Thank you.”

— Edwin O.

“I just wanted thank you for your service. I went yesterday to the participating BlueSky Auto Finance dealership in NY and now I have a car loan and a car. They were great. Keep up the good work! Thank you.”

— Teresa V.

“Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you! BlueSky Auto Finance got us approved for a no credit auto loan and in the vehicle we wanted with no hassle. The dealership was amazing and we would recommend them and BlueSky Auto Finance to everyone we know! Thanks SO much.”

— Janet K.