Direct Auto Finance & Online Car Loans

The internet is packed with companies offering online car loans but do you know the difference between indirect and direct auto finance lending? With direct lending, your financing request is submitted directly to a bank or lender that actually provides the financing. In this instance, you will finalize the terms of your financing directly with the auto finance company and if approved, will be able to go to a dealer of your choice to purchase a car.

These types of online car loans put you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to get pre-approved car financing before going to a dealership. Most direct auto financing companies provide car loans to people with fair to excellent credit histories however, there are several on our lending platform that work with FICO scores as low as 525. Don’t know your score? Get your credit score now.

Not all companies are created equal

When researching your car financing options, you’ll come across many companies that don’t clearly disclose the actual source of financing or how their process works – especially when it comes to bad credit auto loans. Use caution when considering these websites as many of them simply gather your information and sell it to auto dealers, direct auto finance companies and marketing firms. In addition, these types of companies may not be adequately equipped to protect your privacy and often times lack proper safeguarding procedures.

BlueSky Auto Finance provides online financing options through a platform of direct auto lenders. By completing a quick form, you could be approved by up to four direct auto finance companies and receive all documentation online. Choose the loan that best suits your needs then go to any new car dealer in your state and buy a car.

Indirect auto loans

We also help people get car financing through our network of participating auto dealers. Unlike our direct lending channel, an indirect auto loan is one that is arranged by the dealer from which you purchase your car. Car dealers provide car financing through local banks, auto finance companies and the auto manufacturer’s captive car finance company.

They have access to literally hundreds of lenders and can provide car loans for any credit situation from zero percent financing for good credit customers and sub-prime lenders that provide financing for bad credit and even people who’ve had bankruptcies. If you’ve experienced credit difficulties and are in need of auto financing, get started online today with Bluesky Auto Finance – you’ll be glad you did.