Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

man looking at car from side.jpgBuying any car can be a complicated task, but buying a used car presents all its own challenges. You can’t simply pick the type of car you like, then go to the dealer, grab an options package and go. With used cars, you have to go through a process, scouring ads, visiting lots and trying to find a vehicle that speaks to you.

You can (and should) still be choosy, but the method is different. Here’s a checklist of several questions to ask when buying a used car, to make sure you get a vehicle that will keep you mobile and happy for a long time.

What to Know When Buying a Used Car

What About the Mileage?

There’s a platitude that mileage is everything when dealing with used cars. In some ways this is true, but not necessarily in the way you may think. Low mileage is a great sign, but higher mileage is not necessarily an indicator of problems. Ask how the car was driven. If the high miles are all highway miles, that’s less wear and tear than a lot of city driving!

What Are the Options?

Ask about the features the car has. Is it equipped with antilock brakes? Climate control? MP3 or smartphone integration? What are the safety features? Don’t just ask what the features are; make sure you test all of them during your examination of the car.

How Many Owners?

The more owners a car has had, the more chance there is for the vehicle to have problems. A single owner vehicle, on the other hand, will be that much closer to new. It’s not a definite indicator, but it could be a red flag.

When Buying a Used Car, Is the Title Clean?

Make sure that there are no liens against the car. You might be surprised at how often this can be an issue. Ask for the title history of the car and be sure that you’re getting a clean and clear ownership. This is less of a problem with dealers than it is with private sellers, but it never hurts to be cautious!

What Is its Accident History?

Naturally, your ideal vehicle will have a clean title with no accidents on it. If there are accidents in the vehicle’s history, find out the details as you can. Was it a minor fender-bender or was there serious damage? Most dealers have the ability to provide an accident history report. If not, get the car’s VIN and obtain one yourself. It only costs a couple bucks and can save you years of headache.

Are There Service Records?

Ask for any information about the car’s service history. Has it been kept up with regarding routine maintenance? Have any recalls been addressed? What major work has been done? How many parts have been replaced? Has it been inspected recently?

These five questions can save you a lot of time and trouble when buying a used car that is right for you. When you have found that new dream vehicle, contact Bluesky Auto Financing to get into your new-to-you car today!

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