Congratulations! You’re Ready to Buy a Car. Now What?

We love cars! All of us!! And to cater to our growing need to acquire more than one vehicle, car manufacturers are flooding the market with options.  You walk on the road and you see the car of your dream whizzing past. You step into your workplace and your friend waves the keys of the brand new car he picked up last week. You are also deciding to buy a car.  Well!  That is the first step.

You're ready to buy a car. Now what?

However, everything is not as plain and simple as you would want it to be.  The issues start piling up soon after you make up your mind to buy a car.  Where do you go and look for a car?  How is it that the used ones shine and glow even better than the new ones?  How best to ensure that the price you pay is the right one and finally how sure are you that the loan you just nodded your head to is the right one.

The truth is all cars look good on the outside, unless you are looking at the badly damaged ones going for a discount price. Assuming you want a really good, smart car, you walk into a dealers shop and there you see row after row of cars.  Unless you are a car mechanic or have a really good knowledge about the insides of a car, it is impossible to tell whether it is value for money.  The best way to ensure that you don’t get scammed is to decide on the model and the brand before you visit a dealer.  If you know the model, year of launch, and price you already know what a new car costs.

The second step is to take someone along with you who knows and understands cars. A thorough evaluation is far better than listening to the non-stop jabber by the salesman who is probably working on a large commission to get rid of this particular vehicle.  An assessment will give you an idea about what you are bargaining for.

Then comes the price.  Most often dealers have a top-up price which includes a commission margin for the salesman.  Negotiating will help to bring the price down. If you still believe you are being over charged then it is totally up to you. If you want the vehicle really bad then you can pay a premium price. However, if you are particular about not getting hustled, then it is better to go to another trusted dealer.

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