Best Bad Credit Auto Loans

Let’s face it, owning a car has become a modern day necessity for most people.  Life becomes much more difficult if you have to rely on public transportation or a friend to get you to work, shopping, or through your typical daily activities.  Most of us would struggle if we did not have a vehicle at our disposal.  As a society, Americans have become dependent on our vehicles and the luxury of hopping in the car and hitting the road!!

You many think that because you have poor credit, you will not be able to get that car you need.  In actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Bad credit auto loans do exist, and if you do a little research and homework, you can find a loan that works for your situation.  With a little knowledge about how financing for bad credit works, you can get a car and also begin to repair your credit score.

Buy Here, Pay Here

One way of obtaining car financing for bad credit, is to find a dealer in your area who specializes in this type of loan.  Dealerships that finance those with bad credit typically advertize prominently on their websites and in the newspaper.  It is important to note that these dealers, known as “buy here, pay here” dealerships will finance your car loan, on the condition that you purchase a car on their lot.  Essentially, the dealership becomes both your banker and seller.  When you go to the dealership, they will sit down with you and determine the amount they are willing to finance, and then you are able to go out on their lot and choose a vehicle that fits into this price range.  While this method may limit your vehicle choices and not allow you to purchase your “dream car,” it does allow you to get into a vehicle and begin repairing your credit score.

BlueSky Auto Finance Offers Bad Credit Auto Loans in Minutes

Another option available is to go through an auto financing company such as BlueSky Auto Finance, that specializes in bad credit auto loans.  BlueSky has an integrated platform of both lenders and dealers who want to help people with poor credit.  The process of applying is simple and easy and can all be done from the comfort of your home.   Once you apply online, you are instantly notified if you have been approved by one of our direct lenders.  If this is the case, you are able to go to any dealership of your choice and shop like a cash buyer.  In the instance that you are not directly approved by one of our lenders, we still continue to try and get your approved.  If available, we will send your application information to one of our dealerships in your area.  If the dealer can help you with financing, they will notify you and you will then purchase your vehicle from that dealer.  When applying for financing through BlueSky, you are not obligated to accept any loan offers.

Remember, you are not likely to walk away with your dream car when you are attempting to secure financing for bad credit.  You are building up your credit history so that you are able to purchase your dream car in the future.  A little research goes a long way.  Find out what options are available to you and chose the best one that fits your situation.

To apply for financing through BlueSky Auto Finance, click here.

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