How Auto Insurance Apps Are Changing the Playing Field

Technology has taken off in recent years and it comes as no surprise that practically every business has some sort of phone app for their customers. And auto insurance companies are no exception, providing their customers with helpful information for and resources on their individual policies. But some companies take it a step further, offering apps that have even more innovative tools to provide information and incentivize their customers to practice safe driving while on the road. Check out some of these latest features found on some of today’s auto insurance apps!

Auto Insurance Apps: Track Driving Behavior For Extra Savings!

Some auto insurance apps actually feature the ability to monitor your driving patterns. Plus, they reward you for good driving by offering discounts on your policy or cash back. Some even provide feedback on your driving patterns and give tips on how to improve. This can help you to take advantage of their incentives through safe driving practices. Auto insurance apps such as this can be a major benefit, as your policy is determined by your individual profile and not generalized stats based on your demographic.

For parents with teenagers, some apps even offer the ability to track and monitor their kid’s driving behavior. One such app even boasts a feature that displays a warning banner on their phone if they try to use it while driving. Parents can also monitor speeding, swerving, and even driving after curfew.

Get Stats On That New Car

Did you happen to see a sleek new car drive by that you just had to have? Or maybe you’re car shopping and you pass by a vehicle that looks like it’s exactly what you need. Some auto insurance apps offer a nifty feature that allows you to take a photo of a car and immediately get information on it. Find out information such as make and model, cost, and locations where you can purchase it. Plus, in many cases, you don’t even have to be a customer to be able to use the app! For those with busy or hectic schedules, it can be a convenient and easy way to shop for that brand new car.

Immediate Support After That Car Accident

No one wants to be in a vehicle accident. But, if it does happen, getting your car back up and running is priority number one. It can be a pain waiting for your car to be towed to the automotive shop to be assessed. However, some auto insurance apps allow you to connect with an appraiser immediately! Using your phone, you can speak with a representative and show them the damage live from your phone. This allows you to get an estimate right away and hasten when you can get repairs done.

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