Auto Financing Companies For Bad Credit

People with poor credit are often filled with uncertainty when the time comes for them to purchase a new vehicle.  They understand that if they apply for car financing through their local bank or credit union they will likely end up with a rejected application. Traditional loan providers require good or excellent credit ratings and a high FICO score before they will finance a loan. However, there are several auto financing companies who specialize in the funding of loans for individuals with bad and no credit ratings.

BlueSky Auto Finance Specializes in Financing For Bad Credit

BlueSky Auto Finance is one of those auto financing companies who specialize in loans for bad credit.  BlueSky is able to provide bad credit auto loans because we have created a network of direct lenders who are ready to instantly approve qualified applicants.  We have scrutinized our lenders to ensure that your application is sent to only those who are seriously ready to finance bad credit loans to qualified buyers. Once you have filled out the simple application through the BlueSky Auto Finance website, it will only take minutes before you are notified as to whether or not you are approved.  Once approved, you will be notified via e-mail, and the email will also include financing terms.  Because you have been approved on-line, you will then be able to go to any dealership or private party of your choice and pick out your vehicle.  You are able to shop like a cash buyer.

If you are not instantly approved by one of our direct bad credit auto lenders, BlueSky will still work to get you the loan you need.  We contact auto dealers in your area who may be eager to work with you.   The professional dealers that we work with specialize in helping you find the loan that works best for your situation.  If this happens, an auto dealer may call you to discuss financing options. Our network of auto dealers, have specialized people in their office to work with our customers to finance bad credit auto loans.  Either way, BlueSky exhausts all avenues to find the right loan for you.

Obtaining Financing Is Simple and Easy

At BlueSky, we understand that you are looking for auto finance companies to help you in your car buying experience.  For this reason, we hold your hand and walk you through the process of obtaining financing-step by step.  We make it a priority to always keep you updated on the status of your application and what you can expect throughout the entire application process.  You are never kept in the dark or left wondering.  Our goal is to make applying and obtaining a loan as simple and easy as possible.  We never leave your side until the whole process is completed and you have been given an answer.

For more information in applying for auto loans through BlueSky Auto Finance click here.

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