Wisconsin Auto Loans

We are able to provide Badger State residents with competitive Wisconsin auto loans even to those with bad credit. From Green Bay to Milwaukee, we’ve been helping the people of Wisconsin get competitive auto loans since 2004.

Finding bad credit car loans became much more difficult after the sub-prime lending market tanked. Recent months have seen gradual improvements in this lending sector, but credit requirements have not returned to the former levels. Prior to this, auto loans could be found for buyers with credit scores of 450. At this time, most lenders don’t even want to consider a score under 550.

We are proud to offer loans through two great venues. We work with an extensive network of direct lenders and with our own carefully chosen auto dealer network. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new or used car; we are set up to help.

Get Pre-Approved Online

One unique advantage of working with us is that we offer Wisconsinites pre-approved financing. You simply fill out and submit an application and then wait for a response. This is done at home and surprisingly only takes a few minutes. You can know you have the money ready before you even walk out your front door. We are able to do this by working with lenders that give loans directly to buyers. And, best of all, you may even receive more than one offer, giving you a choice of lenders. It would be difficult to find another auto finance company that can provide you with this option.

Getting a pre-approved takes much of the tension out of car shopping. Since your loan is already in place you can focus all of your energy and concentration on finding just the right vehicle and negotiating the best deal.

Our Car Dealer Network

We provide a network of participating auto dealers. These dealers all have a person or department trained and dedicated to finding the best available loans. They know that not all credit situations are the same and are sympathetic to the needs of buyers with difficult credit situations. Additionally, our participating dealers have access to over 400 lenders that provide auto loans within the state.

Types of Car Dealers

Our dealers offer a wide assortment of makes and models. Are you looking for a Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda or Toyota? You should be able to find plenty of medium-priced cars that can easily be approved for loans. What you generally won’t find are dealerships that carry expensive, top-tier vehicles, like BMWs. The simple truth is that often times, this kind of luxury vehicle is just too expensive and makes it difficult to qualify for bad credit car loans.