West Virginia Car Loans

Our team at BlueSky Auto Financing is able to offer competitive, affordable West Virginia car loans and bad credit auto loans to the residents of the Mountain State. From Charleston to Morgantown, we’ve been helping the people of the beautiful Allegheny Plateau find competitive car loans since 2004.

Buyers needing bad credit auto loans have experienced a great deal of difficulty in the last few years. The most recent recession caused credit to become much tighter. Even though this sector has started to recover, finding West Virginia car loans is still a difficult process.

We can offer West Virginians financing through two venues. The first is a network of direct lenders. The second is a network carefully cultivated local auto dealers that are uniquely equipped to help people with troubled credit secure financing. With these two great resources we are ready to help you finance the new or used car you desire.

Get Pre-Approved Online

The best way to shop for a car is to already have your financing in place before you even head to the dealership. You can have a loan offer (or offers) within minutes of completing and submitting the application, right from your own home. And this is possible because we only work with real lenders that are willing to provide loans directly to consumers. The pre-approval option is a unique advantage that most other finance agencies cannot offer.

Our pre-approved loans secured can put you in the driver’s seat, and we mean that literally. Once the financing is out of the way, you can negotiate with confidence for the best terms on the vehicle of your choice.

Our Car Dealer Network

As stated before, we also offer loans through a network of participating auto dealers. We have screened every dealer who joins our network to ensure that they have the training, track record and lender relationships to help people find the best loans. Our participating auto dealers can tap into a pool of over 400 lenders, most of which provide loans to secure the financing you need.

Types of Car Dealers

First, dealers who participate in our network must be able to provide bad credit auto loans. In order to do that, they obviously need to carry inventory priced to qualify for this type of funding. But you will be pleased to know that mid-level models from most major car companies are represented. So, if you are looking for a Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda or Toyota, you are certain to find what you are looking for at one of our partner dealers. There are some dealerships that are generally not able to participate, such as BMW, Mercedes and Lexus; these high-end dealerships do not typically carry inventory priced sufficiently for bad credit auto loans.