Washington Car Loans

Want to get competitive car loans as a resident of the Evergreen State? From Spokane to Seattle, we’ve been helping the people of this beautiful Pacific coast area get competitive Washington car loans since 2004. We at Bluesky Auto Finance have the advantage of securing loans through two different venues. We have a super network of direct lenders that offer car loans as well as our own network of local auto dealers who specialize in procuring loans for bad credit. Whether you need a new or used vehicle, we have a system in place that can help you.

Shoppers seeking bad credit auto loans have undoubtedly noticed that this task has become much more challenging over the last few years. Since the latest recession that began in 2007, credit requirements have become more stringent. In the past, people with extremely poor credit used to be able to find a car loan with relative ease; however, that’s no longer the case. In fact, buyers need a pretty good credit score to even be considered by most companies handling auto loans.

Get Pre-Approved Online

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply shop for a car without worrying about whether you will be able to get through the dealer’s finance office? We think so, too. That is why we have found a way to let people do this from their own living room. You will fill out and submit an application and then sit back and wait for the response. Believe it not, the whole process only takes a few minutes. You can soon have an offer (or maybe even several) from one or more of our lenders. We’re able to do this is because we only use direct lenders, which means they work directly with consumers. You will find that most other auto finance establishments who advertise bad credit auto loans are unable to give you this choice.

The best advantage is to get a pre-approved auto loan to remove most of the stress of the car-shopping experience. You can now concentrate on finding a car you want and focus on negotiating the best deal. You know the money is already waiting for you.

Our Car Dealer Network

Does everyone who applies for a loan with our lending partners get approved? No, they don’t. Just as no two people are alike, no two financial situations are identical. But if this happens to you, don’t give up; we certainly haven’t. In fact, this is the very reason we has established a network of local car dealers who also offer financing. We have selected the dealerships that make up our team specifically because they have a person or department dedicated to working with clients who have bad credit and are able to help them find the best loan for them. Our auto dealers have a pool of over 400 lenders to work with, most of which offer loans in Washington. With these great resources we can certainly help you find what you need.

Types of Car Dealers

We are very particular about the car dealers we work with. First of all, they all must be set up to provide bad credit auto loans. In addition, we make certain they offer a good selection of medium-priced vehicles. You will be able to choose models from most major car manufacturers, like Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, and GM, among others. Because they carry reasonably priced vehicles, they are much more likely to help buyers secure financing. The dealerships that generally are not in the network are the high-end establishments, simply because their inventory is often too expensive to qualify for bad credit auto loans.