Virginia Car Loans

Our team at Bluesky Auto Finance provides car loans to those with bad credit since 2004. To be perfectly blunt, finding Virginia car loans has been very challenging since the recent economic downturn, though news that the sub-prime lending market seems to be improving a bit is encouraging. In the past, it was usually possible to find car loans for buyers with low FICO scores. Today, lenders want to see a score of 550 or higher.

We procure loans both through its refined network of select lenders and through car dealers that are uniquely qualified to help people with credit problems secure financing. It doesn’t matter if you are hoping to buy a new or used car, we are here to help. Let’s explain how our system works.

Get Pre-Approved Online

The first advantage we have is the ability to offer loan shoppers in a convenient means for getting pre-approved in just minutes – all without even leaving home. You simply need to fill out the application and submit it. Within a few minutes, you’ll have your answer. The reason we are able to do this is because of the real lenders we choose to work with, lenders that can offer loans directly to you, the consumer. In fact, you might even be approved by more than one lender and have several offers to choose from. This is an opportunity that most finance companies don’t provide.

Once you are pre-approved through our direct lenders you are ready for the challenge of finding just the right car. You can negotiate with confidence knowing the money is at your fingertips.

Our Car Dealer Network

Although we are able to find competitive loans through its lending network for the majority of applicants, not everyone can get approved using this method. But don’t despair – we have another option if this happens to you. We have put together and manage of network of statewide car dealers that are uniquely set up to help people get the loans they need. These participating auto dealers can search over 400 lenders to make certain you have access to the loan that’s right for you.

Types of Car Dealers

Our network of dealers that offer bad credit auto loans is made up of mid-tier dealerships which carry a great selection of moderately priced Fords, GMs, Nissans, Hondas, and Toyotas, to only name a few. In other words, the dealer network we have set up to find loans typically does not include the higher priced, luxury dealerships. The reason is fairly obvious, these dealerships simply don’t have affordable inventory priced for the types of loans are customers need.