Utah Auto Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance is pleased to provide Utah auto loans and bad credit car loans to the residents of the Beehive State. From Salt Lake to St. George, we’ve been helping the people in the Great Salt Lake region get competitive auto loans since 2004.

If you have been shopping for a car lately you may have noticed that they are extremely difficult to find a good loan.

The financial sector is currently showing signs of steady improvement, but loans can still be difficult to secure, especially for people with poor credit. In the past, someone with a credit score as low as 450 still had a good chance of being approved for an auto loan. Today, most lenders are afraid to even consider anyone with a score under 550.

We’re able to help car buyers by offering loans to Utahans with poor credit. We do by using a broad network of direct lenders and by developing and managing a network of participating auto dealers who know how to help people with bad credit get the best possible loans. If you need a new or used vehicle, we have the systems in place to help you get the financing. This is how our program works.

Get Pre-Approved Online

We have provide shoppers a great opportunity to get pre-approved financing. You can even do this at home. Simply fill out the application, submit it, and then wait to see what happens. You’ll have a response within minutes. It is entirely possible that you could receive multiple offers for financing. The reason we can offer this to the people of the Friendly State is because we have chosen to work with real lenders that deliver loans directly to customers. This is an advantage that most finance companies can’t compete with.

Getting pre-approved can take much of the stress and anxiety out of car shopping. You know what you can afford, you have the money at your fingertips, and you can negotiate with confidence.

Our Car Dealer Network

We have assembled a network of car dealers, all carefully chosen, who are prepared to help buyers with credit problems. All of these dealers have someone dedicated to securing the best possible loans. These dealers also have over 400 lenders to choose from, most of which provide loans within Utah. And, of course, we will stick with you through the entire process.

Types of Car Dealers

The car dealers who participate in our network have access to all types of automobile loans and include dealers like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. Basically, these dealers stock vehicles that are priced in a range that is easier to get approved for a loan. This means that our dealer network is not made up of high-priced dealerships like Mercedes Benz and BMW. Frankly, those high-end dealers simply don’t carry inventory priced for the loans our customers need.