Texas Car Loans

Bluesky Auto Finance is very happy to deliver Texas car loans and bad credit auto loans to the residents of the Lone Star State. We’ve been helping the people of the nation’s second-largest state to get competitive car loans since 2004.

Texans with poor credit shopping for auto loans have found the process is much more difficult now than in the past. Before the recession began, someone with a bad credit score still had a good chance of being approved for a loan. This isn’t the case anymore. Even though sub-prime lending is experiencing a slow recovery, lenders are usually only willing to work with more qualified buyers.

But we are able to help these shoppers by providing loans through two great resources. The first is a network of direct lenders; the second is a hand-selected group of participating auto dealers that have proven successful in helping people with bad credit obtain car loans. So, if you are hoping to buy a new or used car, we will be able to assist you.

Get Pre-Approved Online

Whenever you plan on purchasing a big ticket item like a car it is important to know that you have the funding in place first, and it’s exactly this piece of mind that we provide. You can sit down at the kitchen table, fill out and submit an application and within a few minutes be reviewing your loan offer (or offers, for that matter). Many clients actually receive offers from multiple lenders. And how are we able to do this? Because the lenders in our network are willing to work directly with you. This is an option that isn’t provided by most other lenders.

Getting pre-approved can put you in the driver’s seat, literally. With your car financing secured, you’ll be able to focus all your negotiating efforts on the price of a car and not the terms of your loan.

Our Car Dealer Network

In addition to our direct lending partners, we are able to provide loans through our own network of participating auto dealers. We screen all of our dealers thoroughly in order to ensure they have qualified staff dedicated to working with people who may have credit issues. We also make sure the have a good variety of new and used cars on hand and that they maintain healthy relationships with lenders committed to helping Texans get the best possible financing. These dealers can reach out to over 400 lenders nationwide, so they should have no trouble providing you with the financing you need. And, of course, we will stay with you all the way.

Types of Car Dealers

Our network of car dealers offers a broad selection of medium-priced models of most car brands, including GM, Toyota, Ford, & Nissan, for example. These vehicles are affordable, which makes it easier to get approved for financing. That is also why our dealer network does not typically include high-end dealerships given that most of these types of cars are too expensive for the loans our customers need.