Tennessee Car Loans

Our team at BlueSky Auto Finance is proud to offer competitive Tennessee car loans and bad credit auto loans to the residents of the Volunteer State. From Knoxville to Memphis, we’ve been assisting the people of our 16th state to find the right financing for many years.

Tennesseans with poor credit in need of auto loans have had a difficult time ever since the economic downturn. And even though auto lending is picking up again, it can still be difficult for people with bad credit to secure financing. Before the lending industry meltdown, someone with unsavory credit history had a good chance of being approved. Today, most lenders are looking for better credit in order to do business.

We find the best possible auto loans for car buyers by tapping into a network of lenders that offer these types of loans and by networking with car dealers specializing in procuring financing. With these resources in place we can help you finance that new or used car you have been dreaming about.

Get Pre-Approved Online

One of the advantages we can offer to people is the ability to get pre-approved for a loan before they even begin car shopping. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what price range you qualify for, and be certain that the money is ready and waiting, before you reach the first car lot? That’s what can happen when you fill out the application, submit it and then wait for the responses. Minutes later you can have one or more loan offers – right from the comfort of your own home. This is possible because we only work with companies that are willing to lend directly to the customer. It’s tough to find other lenders operating in Tennessee who offer this unique approach.

Once you have been pre-approved by one of our direct lenders, the entire process becomes easier. You can negotiate for a car with confidence knowing the financing has been handled.

Our Car Dealer Network

The online application process described above is the best way to start looking for a loan. But what if you don’t get approved?

Occasionally, due to some difficult credit circumstances, a person may not be able to get a loan through our direct lender network. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you. We have created a network of participating car dealers who are very successful helping people get financing that works for them. Through these dealers you will have over 400 lenders available through which to get the best possible car loan.

Types of Car Dealers

What kind of car are you looking for – Ford, Chrysler or GM? Or maybe you would prefer a Toyota or Nissan? In our network of car dealers you can find mid-range vehicles from all major manufacturers. In fact, we screen prospective dealers to make certain the carry a broad selection of vehicles that qualify for these loans. Because of this you won’t generally find luxury dealerships in our network. The reason is simple; they don’t have inventory priced affordably for the types of loans our customers need.