South Dakota Car Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance is pleased to provide competitive South Dakota car loans and South Dakota bad credit auto loans to the residents of the Mount Rushmore State. From Rapid City to Sioux Falls, we’ve been helping people in the beautiful Black Hills region to acquire South Dakota car loans since 2004.

South Dakota Bad Credit Auto Loans

Car buyers seeking South Dakota bad credit auto loans have had a difficult time since 2007 when the sub-prime lending tanked. Over the past year this business sector has been slowly making a comeback, but credit requirements are still tougher now than in the past. Before the recession, car buyers with credit scores of 450 had a good chance of getting South Dakota car loans; this is no longer the case. Now most lenders are asking for FICO scores of 550 or above.

BlueSky Auto Finance is able to provide South Dakota bad credit auto loans through its direct lender network which offers South Dakota car loans and through selected car dealers that are well versed in finding auto financing for bad credit. We can help you find the money you need to buy that new or used car.

Pre-Approved South Dakota Car Loans

The first step is to take advantage of the pre-approval process offered by BlueSky Auto Finance to consumers seeking South Dakota bad credit auto loans. You simply fill out and submit an application and settle back to wait for the response. In just a few minutes you can have one – or maybe even several – approvals for a loan, all without leaving the house. We can offer this opportunity because the direct lenders who provide our South Dakota car loans are willing to work directly with you. Most of the other companies in the business of providing South Dakota bad credit auto loans are unable to provide this kind of service.

Getting pre-approved for one or more South Dakota car loans puts you in a great position to find a car. You won’t be distracted by financing worries when you sit down to negotiate the best deal for your vehicle.

Car Dealer Network for South Dakota Bad Credit Auto Loans

By using the process described above, BlueSky Auto Finance finds South Dakota car loans every day for people living in South Dakota. But sometimes, due to certain credit issues, we encounter people who are unable to get approved through this channel. But we don’t abandon them. We have developed a second channel for acquiring South Dakota bad credit auto loans; a special network of auto dealers who are successful in helping people with bad credit. With over 400 lenders to choose from, they are certain to find these customers South Dakota car loans.

Types of Car Dealers that offer a South Dakota Auto Loans

Our participating car dealer network has been assembled to provide South Dakota bad credit auto loans for people who need a car and cannot get financing through other avenues. These dealers, who have been carefully chosen by Bluesky, carry a broad range of affordable Fords, GMs, Chryslers, Dodges, Nissans, Hondas and Toyotas. Put simply, our network for South Dakota auto loans doesn’t include high priced dealers which sell Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and the like. Frankly, the just don’t offer cars priced for South Dakota bad credit auto loans.