Rhode Island Auto loans

From Providence to Newport, we’ve been helping the people of this small but mighty state to get Rhode Island auto loans since 2004. BlueSky Auto Finance continues to provide affordable, competitive car loans to the residents of the Ocean State that have bad and good credit alike.

We finance our clients using two great resources for obtaining the best possible car loans. The first is a network of direct lenders that provide quality auto loans and the second is a network of auto dealers who understand the needs of buyers with credit issues. Whether you want to buy a new or used vehicle, we have a system in place to help.

Get Pre-Approved Online

The best way to shop for any big ticket item is to get pre-approved for the financing. That way you not only know how much you can spend, but you also have the confidence that the money is there when you find what you are looking for. Our experts are able to provide that advantage. You simply fill out the application at home, submit it, and get a response back within a matter of minutes. This is possible because of our streamlined network of direct lenders. And, best of all, you may even be approved by multiple lenders. It is difficult to find any other finance company that can do this for you; they simply don’t have the option.

Now you can put all of your time, energy and negotiating power into getting just the right car at just the right price.

Our Car Dealer Network

In addition to our direct lending partners, we are able to secure loans through our own carefully selected network of participating auto dealers. Before accepting any dealer into our network, we make certain that they have trained staff dedicated to helping those with poor credit find the perfect loan for them. With access to over 400 lenders nationwide, many of which operate within Rhode Island, our participating car dealers can help you solve your financing dilemma. And, of course, stays with you throughout the entire process.

Types of Car Dealers

If you are looking for a new luxury vehicle, then the dealers in our network probably aren’t for you. What we do have are mid-tier dealers who can provide loans for reasonably priced vehicles. The network carries the medium-priced vehicles from all of the major manufacturers, like Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. High-end car dealers like BMW, Lexus and Mercedes Benz simply don’t carry inventory priced to qualify for the types of loans our customers are looking for.