Pennsylvania Car Loans

The team here at BlueSky Auto Financing offers the most competitive Pennsylvania car loans and to the residents of the Keystone State, whether you have bad credit or not. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, we’ve been helping the people of the country’s 2nd state get high-quality car loans for many years.

It is no secret that getting approved for an auto loan has become increasingly difficult, especially if you have bad credit. After the 2007 recession and the subsequent meltdown of the sub-prime market, credit score requirements became more stringent. Even though the last year has seen some improvement in this market sector, credit requirements have not returned to the former level. While someone with a low FICO used to be able to get a decent car loan, most lenders now require higher score in order to qualify.

We are able to obtain auto loans both through our direct lender network and through our own network of car dealers that understand how to obtain financing for credit-challenged customers. With these great resources we can help you get into the new or used car you need. Here is how our system works:

Get Pre-Approved Online

Our unique advantage is the ability to be pre-approved for a loan, right at home, within minutes after submitting an application. We are able to provide this because the companies in our network lend directly to you, the customer. It is even possible to be approved by more than one lender and have multiple offers to choose from. Other companies do not usually have this type of flexibility.

Once you have been pre-approved by our lenders, you are ready to get down to the business of finding the vehicle that will meet your needs.

Our Car Dealer Network

Through the network described above, we are able to acquire quality car loans for most of the clients who come to us for help. But not everyone gets approved through this channel. If this happens, don’t worry – we have another avenue to help you get the right auto loan. We have carefully selected a network of car dealers who specialize in helping people with credit issues get financing. With over 400 nationwide lenders to choose from, they are certain to help you find the right loan for you.

Types of Car Dealers

In order to join our network of dealers, the car dealerships must demonstrate their expertise in obtaining difficult financing and show that they have an adequate selection of affordable vehicles. These usually include cars like Dodge, GM, Nissan, and Toyota, as well as mid-tier models from the other major car manufacturers. In a nutshell, our dealer network is made up of businesses that carry reasonably priced stock. You will not usually find high-end dealers like Lexus or BMW in our network; they simply don’t have inventory priced for the types of loans our customers are in the market for.