Oregon Auto Loans

We provide affordable bad credit Oregon auto loans to the residents of the Beaver state. From Portland to Medford, we’ve been helping the people of the 33rd state to get competitive auto loans since 2004.

If you have been looking for car loans in Oregon you may have discovered that these can be difficult to find, especially if you have poor credit. In spite of the bad economy, your team at Bluesky Auto Finance is still able to offer competitive car loans. One way we do this is through our network of direct lenders. Another resource we have developed is a network of participating auto dealers specializing in financing bad credit loans. These two options make it possible for us to provide financing for either new or used vehicles. Here is how you can tap into these resources.

Get Pre-Approved Online

We are in a unique position of being able to provide people with bad credit who need car loans the option to get pre-approved. To do this you fill out a loan application at home, submit it, and in only minutes receive your response – or responses. Many of our clients report receiving multiple loan offers. This wonderful program is only available because we work with lenders willing to offer loans directly to the public. The majority of other car finance companies who provide car loans are unable to deliver this option.

Once you receive pre-approved financing, your car-buying experience will be much more enjoyable. No more sitting anxiously in the dealership waiting to hear if you can finance the vehicle you have just spent hours – or even days – searching for. The money is ready and waiting for you.

Car Dealer Network

We have also developed another channel to provide competitive auto loans: a hand picked network of auto dealers chosen because of their ability to help people find the best possible car loans. With over 400 lenders available nationwide, members of our participating auto dealer network are extremely successful in securing auto loans for car buyers. Regardless of which channel you use, BlueSky is with you throughout the entire funding process.

Types of Car Dealers

We are very particular about choosing which dealers join our network. We make certain they have staff trained and dedicated to finding the most appropriate loans for our customers. We also ensure that they carry a good selection of mid-priced models from major manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda and Toyota. These vehicles are generally more affordable and easier to get approved for loans. The dealerships you won’t usually find in our network are those that handle luxury lines such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes Benz. Frankly, those establishments simply don’t carry cars priced to qualify for types of loans our customers need.