North Dakota Auto Loans

We are a great source for competitive car financing for the residents of the Rough Rider State. From Fargo to Bismarck, we’ve been helping the people of this beautiful northern region of the country get North Dakota auto loans whether they have good or bad credit.

Consumers looking for these car loans have had a difficult time in recent years. Funding has been scarce, though the auto lending market has made some positive progress over the past year. Before the financial markets tanked, it was possible for people with poor credit to qualify for a loan. This is no longer the case and in many instances, people with blemished credit histories have not been able to find car financing.

We are able to offer these loans through its extensive network of direct lenders who specialize through individual car dealers who focus on helping people with bad credit to find auto financing. We are here to help you buy the new or used car you need. This is how our system works.

Get Approved Before You Shop

By providing people the option to get pre-approved before shopping for a car, people can apply for a loan and be quickly approved – all before leaving their home. This is possible because we work with licensed lenders who provide car loans directly to consumers. In fact, you could get offers from multiple lenders, all with just one application.

Armed with a pre-approved auto loan from our direct lenders, you can approach the car buying experience with confidence, which allows you to focus on negotiating the best price for your car instead of worrying about financing hassles.

Our Car Dealer Network

As outlined above, we provide these auto loans through a great network of direct car lenders, but sometimes people are simply not able to get approved through this resource. This is not cause for despair – we also manage a network of car dealers that are set up to help people. Car dealers in this network are not only experienced in working with bad credit loans, but they have access to over 400 lenders.

Types of Dealers

Members of our participating car dealer network are generally mid-tier dealers who sell reasonably priced vehicles. To put it bluntly, our dealer network within North Dakota doesn’t typically include high line dealers such as BMW and Mercedes Benz since most of these dealerships don’t carry inventory that is priced appropriately and are affordable.