New Mexico Car Loans

We at BlueSky Auto Finance are pleased to provide competitive New Mexico car loans to residents of the 47th state. We’ve been helping the people in the Land of Enchantment to find auto loans since 2004. Frankly, the economic woes of the recent recession have made it difficult to find auto loans, although there are indications that the sub-prime lending market has begun a slow recovery. Prior to the financial meltdown in 2007, it was possible for people with a FICO score as low as 450 to find car financing; however, things have changed significantly since then.

We utilize two sources of lenders for consumers with lower credit scores. The first is a network of direct lenders that offer pre-approved, and the second is a pool of car dealers that actively assist people with bad credit to get auto financing. Whether you want a new or used vehicle, we can help you. This is how it works.

Direct Lender Platform

One major advantage we offer to those in need of car financing is the option to get pre-approved within minutes of submitting an application, directly from their home. That’s because we work with real lenders that provide auto loans directly to New Mexico consumers. And not only that, you may be approved from more than one lender and receive multiple offers.

Gaining a pre-approval by one or more of our direct lenders puts you directly in the driver’s seat allowing you to focus your negotiating efforts on the price of a car, and not the terms of a car loan.

Our Auto Dealer Network

We provide loans through a network of direct auto lenders but not everyone gets approved through this channel. Don’t despair – we also work with and manage our own network of car dealers that are set up to help people with bad credit. Our participating auto dealer network has access to over 400 lenders, most of which are committed to helping our customers.

Types of Car Dealer

Car dealers who participate in our network are primarily dealers who offer affordable vehicles such as GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Toyota and Honda, to name a few. What this means is that high end dealers who specialize in luxury cars like Lexus, Mercedes Benz and BMW are not part of our auto dealer network. The high tier dealerships typically only have high ticket vehicles that are not candidates for bad credit auto loans.