New Jersey Auto Loans

Our great team at Bluesky Auto Finance provides New Jersey car loans to the residents of the Garden State through a network of participating car dealers and direct auto finance companies. Let’s face it, getting a car loan with poor credit since the last recession has been challenging to say the least, although auto loan approvals now seem to be on the rise. Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, we can help. Here’s how it works.

Get Pre-Approved

We offer people something most of the competition is unable to provide: the ability to be pre-approved for financing from the security of their own home and approval can happen within just minutes. You simply fill out the application, submit it, and in a very short time you know what you can spend on a car. We are able to do this because we actually work with a group of lenders that provide New Jersey loans directly to the general public. It’s possible you could even be approved by more than one company, giving you a choice of lenders. This is an advantage that most other auto finance companies simply do not have.

Once you have successfully been pre-approved by one or more of our direct auto lenders then you are on your way to a successful car buying experience. Now you know what you can afford and can embark of the hunt for just the right vehicle to meet your needs.

Our Dealer Network

Not only do we provide residents with auto loans through a direct auto lender network, we have also developed a network of local dealerships who are sensitive to the needs of car buyers who have less than perfect credit and need access to car financing. Auto dealers who participate in our network can access over 400 lenders.

Types of Car Dealers

The car dealers in our network who provide auto loans belong to what is called mid-tier of auto dealerships. These include such major auto manufacturers as Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and GM as well as Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Such dealers offer mid-priced vehicles which qualify for this type of funding. In contrast, the more expansive dealers like Mercedes Benz and Lexus are usually not part of our dealer network.