Nebraska Car Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance provides competitive Nebraska car loans for good and bad credit to the residents of the Cornhusker State. We’ve been helping people living in this part of the Breadbasket of America to obtain a car loan since 2004. Auto shoppers with poor credit history may find it difficult to get approved. We provide those with bad credit two avenues to find a car loan. One through a network of direct lenders and the other through a network of participating auto dealers that specialize in helping people that have experienced credit problems. Whether you need a new or used vehicle, we can help.


First, you can take advantage of a unique option we offer people with bad credit who are looking for an auto loan in Nebraska. The best way to shop for a big ticket item like a car is to know exactly how much you can spend in advance. We make this possible by giving you the opportunity to be pre-approved for your car loan right from the comfort of your own home – only minutes after you submit an application. We can offer this because of our network of real lenders offer directly to the consumer. It is entirely possible you could actually receive multiple offers from dealers within the network. This is an option that the majority of other companies that offer bad credit auto loans simply cannot deliver.

Getting pre-approved puts you in the best possible position when you set out to find a vehicle. You know what price to negotiate for, and you can concentrate on finding just the right car without the fear and hassle of having to negotiate the terms of a car loan.

Our Car Dealer Network

While we have an excellent network of direct lenders on our platform, there are times when a person does not get approved. But we can still help. We have developed a network of pre-screened auto dealers who specialize in helping people who have bad credit get car financing. To become part of that network, the dealers must carry a good selection of vehicles, understand the needs of buyers with credit issues, and have personnel who are dedicated to helping people with credit problems. Our participating auto dealer network has access to over 400 lenders.

Types of Car Dealers

Our networks of participating dealerships are your typical mid-tier dealers such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda & Toyota. These car dealers stock vehicles that are affordable and in many instances, easier to be approved for auto financing. In other words, our dealer network typically does not include high line dealers such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, BMW, etc. as most of these types of cars are too expensive and often not affordable.