Massachusetts Auto Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance procures competitive auto loans for residents of our nation’s sixth state, Massachusetts. From Springfield to Boston, we have been assisting the people of beautiful Bay Area since 2004. In recent years, getting approved has been very difficult for many people, though there is a glimmer of hope in the recent improvement experienced by the auto finance sector. In the past, it was quite simple for people secure one to purchase a new car. The lending market has significantly changed since then, and now lenders are more selective as to whom they approve.

We can help consumers obtain bad credit auto loans through our great network of direct auto lenders, as well as through car dealers who are set up to help people procure auto financing for bad credit. Here is how we can help you find and get financing for the new or used vehicle you need.

Getting Pre-Approval

BlueSky Auto Finance provides people the option of obtaining pre-approved vehicle financing. This is a great advantage for the consumer. Instead of trying to guess what price of car you should look for, you can find out within minutes of submitting the application whether or not you have been approved – and you can do it from home. We can provide this service because we work with real lenders that lend directly to the borrower. It is even possible that you may be approved by multiple lenders. The majority of other companies are not able to offer this option.

Getting pre-approved through one of our direct lenders simplifies the car-buying process. You no longer have to waste time and energy negotiating terms for your car loan; you can simply put all of that focus into negotiating the price of the car.

Network of Car Dealers

We have a vast network of direct auto lenders, and this is the first resource Bluesky Auto Finance provides customers looking for car loans. But if you are not approved for a loan, don’t despair. We provide yet another option to help people living in Massachusetts to get Massachusetts bad credit auto loans. Our network of participating auto dealers can give you access to over 400 lenders.

Types of Car Dealers

The basic types of dealers include Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan and Honda, as these are the mid-tier dealers we work with that offer car loans to those with bad credit. These companies offer excellent vehicles at affordable prices. Our dealer network does not normally include high-end dealers such as Mercedes Benz or BMW, as these brands don’t have inventory that would fit the needs of most buyers’ budgets.