Iowa Auto Loan

BlueSky Auto Finance is happy to make available a competitive Iowa auto loan and an Iowa bad credit car loan to the residents of The Hawkeye State. From Dubuque to Des Moines, we’ve been helping people in this beautiful part of the Midwest since 2004.

It’s a simple fact that finding a car loans since the last economic downturn has been problematic, although there has been some improvement recently. Prior to the economic slump, even people with credit scores as low as 450 were able to be approved but that isn’t happening now.

BlueSky Auto Finance gets bad credit car loans through its network of direct lenders and car dealers who are experts at helping people who have bad credit find auto financing. No matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for, we can help you. Here is how we do it.

Getting Pre-Approval

BlueSky Auto Finance offers people the option of obtaining pre-approved vehicle financing. This is an incredible advantage for the consumer. Instead of trying to guess what price car you should look for, you can know in minutes of submitting the application if you have been approved – and you can do it from home. We can do this because we work with real lenders that lend directly to the borrower. It is even possible that you may be approved by multiple lenders. The majority of other companies are not able to offer this option.

Getting pre-approved by one of our direct lenders simplifies the car buying process. You no longer have to waste energy negotiating terms for your car loan; you can put all of that focus into negotiating the price of the car.

Iowa Car Dealer Network

Using the process described above, BlueSky Auto Finance can find through a network of direct auto lenders for the majority of their clients. But the truth is that not everyone will be approved by one of our lenders. That does not mean that we cannot help you. We can – through the network of car deals we have selected and manage who are prepared to assist individuals living in Iowa get an Iowa bad credit car loan. Members of our auto dealer network can tap into over 400 lenders.

Iowa Car Dealer Types

Participating car dealers in our network primarily sell reasonably priced vehicles made by Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda & Toyota, among others. Basically, our dealer network does not usually include high end dealers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus since most of these dealerships don’t carry inventory that is priced in an acceptable range.