Illinois Car Loans

Bluesky Auto Finance is happy to make available competitive Illinois car loans to the residents of the Land of Lincoln. From Chicago to St. Louis, we’ve been helping the people of the Heart of America get car loans since 2004.

It is unmistakable that getting bad credit auto loans has been difficult to find in the last few years although there have been signs of relief and auto lending has picked up. Just a few years ago, even people with recent bankruptcies were able to apply but things have changed.

Bluesky Car Finance provides auto loans through a network of direct lenders through a network of hand-picked car dealers that are experienced in helping people who have bad credit find car financing. With these resources we can help you finance the new or used vehicle you are looking for.

Pre-Approved Car Loans

One incredible advantage Bluesky Car Finance has is the ability to get pre-approved within minutes of submitting an application. And best of all, this can be done right from their home, something made possible because of the real lenders we work with that provide directly to the customer. It is even possible to receive multiple loan offers.

Once you are pre-approved by one or more of our direct lenders you will find yourself in the driver’s seat, able to focus all of your negotiating efforts on getting the best price for your car and not the haggling over terms of a car loan.

Our Car Dealer Network

As described above, Bluesky Car Finance provides car loans through a great network of direct car lenders, but sometimes people are simply not able to get approved through this resource. This is not cause for despair – we also manage a network of car dealers that are set up to help people living in Illinois get bad credit auto loans. Car dealers in this network are not only experienced in working with bad credit loans, but they have access to over 400 lenders.

Types of Dealers

Members of our participating car dealer network are generally mid-tier dealers who sell reasonably priced vehicles. To put it bluntly, our dealer network within Illinois don’t typically include high line dealers such as BMW and Mercedes Benz since most of these dealerships don’t carry inventory that is priced appropriately and are affordable for the people of Illinois.