Delaware Auto Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance procures competitive Delaware auto loans and Delaware bad credit car loans for residents of our nation’s first state. From Hartford to Bridgeport, we’ve been helping the people of this small but lovely area get auto loans since 2004.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Let’s be honest, since the last recession, getting Delaware bad credit car loans has been difficult, although there have been some signs of life recently. Before the financial markets collapsed, people with bad credit could still hope to qualify for them. It’s a different story today.

BlueSky Auto Finance provides access through two venues; first, its extensive network of direct lenders that fund auto loans, and second, through car dealers that specialize in helping people with credit issues find auto financing. Whatever your vehicle needs may be, we are here to help you. This is how:

Pre-Approved Auto Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance offers people needing bad credit car loans a unique advantage. We give you the opportunity to get pre-approved within minutes of submitting your loan application – right from the comfort of your home. That’s because we have the privilege of working with real lenders who give auto loans directly to consumers in Delaware. What is even better is that you might receive loan offers from a number of lenders. Most competitors who offer these are unable to provide this option to customers.

Being pre-approved by lenders puts you in the driver’s seat. Without having to worry about finance hassles, you can focus on negotiating the best price of the care of your choice.

Car Dealer Network

Despite the size of our lender network, there are times when people do not qualify for auto loans through the BlueSky Auto Finance network of direct auto lenders. But that does not mean they are out of luck. We have built our own network of car dealers that are very successful in helping people find bad credit car loans. These dealers have been screened by BlueSky to make certain that they have a good selection of vehicles, understand the challenges faced by people with bad credit, and have trained staff available to assist the process. In addition, the auto dealers in our network have access to over 400 lenders that offer within Delaware.

Types of Car Dealers

You will find a variety of vehicles available from our car dealer network, including most major car models. GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Nissan and Toyota are some examples. The key is that our dealers carry mid-range vehicles at affordable prices. What you generally won’t find in our dealer network within are high end dealers who sell Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus. As a rule, none of those dealers would carry inventory priced to qualify.