Connecticut Auto Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance is a great source for competitive car financing for the residents of the Constitution State. From Hartford to Bridgeport, we’ve been helping the people in this beautiful New England countryside get auto loans since 2004.

Consumers looking for bad credit car loans in Connecticut have had a difficult time in recent years. Funding has been scarce, though the auto lending market has made some positive progress over the past year. Before the financial markets tanked, it was possible for people with poor credit to qualify for an auto loan. This is no longer the case and in many instances, people with blemished credit histories have not been able to find car financing.

BlueSky Auto Finance is able to offer Connecticut bad credit car loans through its extensive network of direct lenders who specialize in Connecticut auto loans and through individual car dealers who focus on helping people with bad credit to find auto financing. We are here to help you buy the new or used car you need. This is how our system works.

The Benefits of Pre-Approved Car Financing

Bluesky Auto Finance has connections to a network of direct auto lenders that offer Connecticut residents pre-approvals within minutes of submitting your application. Complete our application from the privacy of your home and you could be approved by up to 4 lenders instantly. If approved, print out your loan documents and purchase your next car like a cash buyer. Negotiate the price of the car – not the terms of a loan.

Pre-approved auto financing through our direct lenders tremoves the stress associated with the auto buying experience. For one thing, you know exactly what you can afford and you know that the money is available when you find the car you need. Once you have settled on a price you won’t need to spend the next two hours haggling over funding.

Participating Auto Dealers

While our network of direct auto lenders is superb, there will always be some people who do not get approved. If this happens, don’t lose hope – we have another alternative. BlueSky also works with a network of car dealers who assist people with bad credit get auto financing. These dealers have access to over 400 lenders, most of which do business in the state of Connecticut.

Types of Dealers

The auto dealers in our network who are able to provide car financing for people with bad credit include most mid-range manufactures such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, Dodge, and the major import lines like Nissan, Honda & Toyota. These dealers carry cars priced in a range that more easily fit the parameters for bad credit auto financing terms Our network of Connecticut dealers typically does not include higher priced establishments like BMW or Lexus.