Colorado Car Loans

BlueSky Auto Finance is pleased to provide competitive Colorado car loans to residents of the Centennial State. From Fort Collins to Pueblo, we’ve been helping the people in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region find auto financing since 2004.

Frankly, the economic woes of the recent recession have made it difficult to find bad credit auto loans, although there are indications that the sub-prime lending market has begun a slow recovery. Prior to the financial meltdown in 2007, it was possible for people with a FICO score as low as 450 to find car financing in Colorado. Things have changed significantly since then.

BlueSky Auto Finance has two sources of lenders for consumers with lower credit scores. The first is a network of direct lenders that offer pre-approved car loans, and the second is a pool of car dealers that actively assist people with bad credit to get auto financing. Whether you want a new or used vehicle, we can help you. This is how the system works:

Pre-Approved Loans

The pre-approval process is one excellent advantage BlueSky Auto Finance offers car buyers in Colorado. This option allows you to know exactly how much you can spend on a car before you leave your house. You simply fill out the application, submit it, and wait for a response. In minutes you could be pre-approved. The reason we are able to provide this incredible program is because of our network of real lenders that offer car loans directly to consumers. In fact, it is possible that you might even receive loan offers from more than one lender.

With a pre-approved loan from one of our direct lenders you are in the driver’s seat of your car buying experience. You are ready to put your time and attention into getting the best car to meet your needs for the perfect price.

Car Dealer Network

As described above, BlueSky Auto Finance provides car loans through a great network of direct auto lenders, but not everyone who applies will get approved through this channel. However, that does not mean we cannot help you get the car you need. Our second venue is a network of car dealers that focus on helping people who live in Colorado get car financing. These car dealers have access to over 400 lenders, most of which provide financing for customers who have bad credit.

The car dealers in our network who provide auto loans belong to what is called mid-tier of auto dealerships. These include such major auto manufacturers as Ford, Chrysler, Dodge and GM as well as Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Such dealers offer mid-priced vehicles which qualify for this type of funding. In contrast, the more expansive dealers like Mercedes Benz and Lexus are usually not part of our dealer network.