Arizona Auto Loans

Bluesky Auto Finance provides competitive auto loans to the residents of the Grand Canyon State. From Flagstaff to Tucson, we’ve been assisting the great people of the 48th state to get Arizona auto loans since 2004.

Bad Credit Car Financing

During the economic downturn in 2008, finding bad credit car loans has proven very difficult for some car buyers, although car financing is beginning to show some new signs of life. In the past, people with low credit scores were often successful procuring an auto loan. Today, many lenders require higher underwriting standards in order to get approved.

Bluesky Auto Finance makes car loans available to people in Arizona through a select group of direct lenders and auto dealers that specialize in assisting people with bad credit. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for new or used automobile; we can help you get the financing you need.

Get Approved Before You Shop

Bluesky Auto Finance takes the guess work out of car buying by offering people the option to get pre-approved before shopping for a car. People can apply for a loan and be quickly approved – all before leaving home. This is possible because we work with licensed lenders in Arizona who provide car loans directly to consumers. In fact, you could get offers from multiple lenders, all with just one application.

Armed with a pre-approved auto loan from our direct lenders, you can approach the car buying experience with confidence, which allows you to focus on negotiating the best price for your car instead of worrying about financing hassles.

Arizona Dealer Network

Not only does Bluesky Auto Finance provide auto loans through a direct auto lender network, we have also developed a network of local Arizona car dealers who are sensitive to the needs of car buyers who have less than perfect credit and need access to car financing. Auto dealers who participate in our network can access over 400 lenders, most of which provide auto loans in Arizona.

Types of Car Dealers

Our network of dealers that offer car loans in Arizona include stores like Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Honda & Toyota to name a few and all of our participating dealers offer used cars covering many types of manufacturers. If you reside in Arizone, have bad credit and are in need of a car loan, apply today and we may be able to help.