Alabama Car Loans

Bluesky Auto Finance offers competitive car loans for good and bad credit to the residents of the Heart of Dixie. From Huntsville to Mobile, we’ve been helping the people of the 22nd state get auto financing since 2004.

Shoppers with poor credit histories in Alabama may find it difficult to get approved. Over the last several years, auto lending has been hard to come by due to the collapse of the financial markets, although sub-prime lending has improved recently. Prior to the recession, people with a 450 FICO score were often able to get financing however today, most lenders require credit scores of at least 550.

Bluesky provides the residents of Alabama with bad credit two avenues to find a car loan. One through a network of direct lenders and the other through a network of participating auto dealers that specialize in helping people that have experienced credit problems. Whether you need a new or used vehicle, we can help.

Get Pre-Approved Online

The best way to purchase a car is to get pre-approved for a car loan before going to a dealership and Bluesky Auto Finance offers this option to people with good or bad credit. Upon completing your application you could be pre-approved within minutes, right from the comfort of your home. That’s because we work with real lenders that provide car loans directly to consumers. And, best of all, you could get approved by multiple lenders and receive more than one loan offer. Most other car finance companies that offer car financing don’t have this option.

Pre-approved auto loans through Bluesky Auto Finance put you in the driver’s seat. With your car financing already in place, you’ll be able to focus your negotiating efforts on the price of a car and not the terms of your auto financing.

Alabama Car Dealer network

In addition to our direct lending partners, Bluesky Auto Finance also provides car loans to the residents of Alabama through a network of participating auto dealers. We screen our dealer network to make sure they have a dedicated person or department to help people who may have experienced credit difficulties, a good variety of new and used cars and solid lender relationships. Our participating auto dealer network has access to over 400 lenders, most of which provide Alabama car loans and we are with you all of the way.

Types of Car Dealers

Bluesky’s network of participating Alabama auto dealers are your typical mid-tier dealers such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Honda & Toyota. These car dealers stock vehicles that are affordable and in many instances, easier to be approved for auto financing. In other words, our Alabama dealer network typically does not include high line dealers such as Mercedes Benz and the like as most of these types of cars are too expensive and often not affordable.